Single, 3/4 or Double Bed?

Single, 3/4 or Double Bed?

Do you need a Single, 3/4 or Double? Well help you find the right bed size for your room space.

Finding the right size bed for a small room can be frustrating for some people and purchasing a comfortable bed for your children’s bedroom or B&B can be challenging.

A single and 3/4 bed are great options for small rooms or guesthouses as they are convenient for a young child’s first bed and you will be able to fit 2 in a larger spare bedroom making it a great choice for a guesthouse.
(Single – Standard Length: 188cm x 91cm / Extra Lenth: 200cm x 91cm)
(3/4 – Standard Length: 188cm x 107cm / Extra Lenth: 200cm x 107cm)

Double beds are smaller than a queen-size however it is still a great fit for 2 couples, spare bedrooms, main bedrooms, guest houses and hotels with a medium-size room and on a budget.
(Double – Standard Length: 188cm x 137cm / Extra Lenth: 200cm x 137cm)

Even though there are many factors to look at when it comes to purchasing the right bed, the bed experts will help you search for a bed best suited for your needs best.

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