What Position Works Best For You?

What Position Works Best For You?

Each person has their sleeping position and what works for their comfort needs

Each sleeping position has its benefits. How we rest impacts the way our systems direct and processes waste

If you are experiencing any pain after a night's sleep, changing up your sleeping position may benefit you more than you might think.

Here are some benefits of different sleeping positions:

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side is not only comfortable but very good for you. Sleeping on your left side will help reduce snoring and insomnia, digestion and heartburn

When sleeping on your side a pillow between your lower legs or hugging/holding a pillow or spouse will help align your hips to avoid lower back pain.

Sleeping on your side isn’t enough. You will need the right mattress that suits your sleeping position and comfort needs. 

The following mattresses would be more comfortable for your needs:

  • Spring Mattress 
  • Pocket Coil Mattress 

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back makes it more natural to keep your spine aligned, takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders and reduces the strain your back experiences at night. 

If you suffering from acid reflux sleeping in a slightly elevated position with your head above your stomach will help reduce reflux symptoms.

Here are tips to increase the comfort you’ll experience while sleeping: 

  • A pillow under your knees assists your spine to sleep in a more neutral position. 
  • Use a low pillow under your head to help keep your spine aligned. 
  • A firm or pocket coil mattress offers the best support for your back. 
  • Use the softest and lowest pillow under your back to help support the curve under your back and reduce stress on your lower back and hips. 


When not to sleep on your spine?

  • After 20 weeks in your pregnancy 
  • Terrible snoring 
  • Sleep apnea 

Sleeping on your belly

Sleeping on your stomach should be your last option. There are more cons to sleeping on your stomach than pros. 

Your airways might be open and reduce snoring, however, the benefits end there. Due to most of your weight being in the middle of your body, sleeping in a face-down position will add more straight and stress to your spine and joints. 

Stomach sleepers could experience back and neck pain put pressure on nerves and cause numbness. By placing a pillow under your belly you could help reduce lower pain in your back.

Sleeping position during pregnancy

Not only could sleeping on your back or stomach could be uncomfortable or impossible, sleeping on your left side would be the best option for you and your baby. Not only is it comfortable, but it will also increase circulation for both you and your baby.

As little as a 30 min nap on your back could force your fetus to move into a position where their oxygen availability for your baby is minimized.

Bending your knees into a fetal position and placing a pillow under your belly and between your knees will help relieve lower back pain.

Some Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Manual labor on a daily 
  • Bending over with more weight your back can handle
  • Falling on your gluteus-maximus
  • Prolonged sitting without stretching your legs
  • Being taller than the average human

Better your posture for pain relief

Having good posture will help support your back and provide less stress put on your spine. Pulling your shoulders back isn’t only good while standing, your lower back will benefit while standing with good posture and a footrest.

Why is the right pillow important?

Pillows are not only used for supporting your neck. The wrong pillow could cause muscle strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Additional pillows could help support your spine in a more natural position.

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